tony ceccarelli (tonyvortex) wrote,
tony ceccarelli

1.So I was talking to Jayson before he left for his friend Steve's house and i smelled smoke.I am overly paranoid about fire,so i began sniffing around to find it.We looked all over the main floor and the basement,and nothing.I run upstairs trying there,Bootleg Jason and Jd are sitting on the floor in his room.I ask if they smell anything and they just laugh thinking I'm messing with them.I run back downstairs and by and odd chance look outside.Let me mention that outside on our porch is a large plastic cigarette ashtray that you usually find outside of restaurants.Well that ashtray was white hot and had flames coming out of it.Bootleg Jason must not have let his cigarette out and it started to burn.Good thing I found it when i did.
2.So I forgot that one of my friends forever ago sent me Mii characters on my Wii that look like Hitler and Danzig.I was doing the lap that you run on Wii Fit and who runs past my waving but Hitler.Danzig was just behind him running along me.It added to the game I assure you.
3.My aunt and uncle got married today at the courthouse.I enjoyed that when the judges helper came out to lead us into the court room my aunt made sure to point out I was all dressed up today,no slasher shirts for the court house.Made me laugh.
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