tony ceccarelli (tonyvortex) wrote,
tony ceccarelli

Things that happened while I was working today:
-Today was the last day to get stuff out of the old store.Oddly enough the next door eye center was moving today as well.While throwing stuff out via the back door I was greeted by one of the eye center people yelling about Doctor Who.I was wearing my logo shirt so it's not like it was an aura that i was giving off.While talking to him he kept telling me he liked the episodes from the start when they talked funny.I had no idea what he was talking about but was happy he was a fan.
-We had boxes full of defective guitars and other things sitting in the store still.The boss told me to destroy all of it so no one would try and resell it to us.Standing by the dumpster bashing guitar hero/rock band guitars in the rain was pretty fun.The Doctor Who fan stood ten feet away and watched me as I did this.
-I overheard a man calling his girlfriend/wife "dickball".I'm sure it is a loving nickname and all but ,well I don't know what to say.
-I went to the hardware store to pick something up for the store.While there the cashier I had was very happy to see my Doctor Who shirt.He told me all about how much he liked Jon Pertwee as the Doctor.I held up the line talking about the new and old series.As a goodbye he held out his knuckles for me to pound in a cool fashion.
-I went and bought new shoes.
-After writing a note on the DS we had in the display case saying that we had other colours available I realized that I used the English spelling of color and wondered if that would confuse the customers.Thinking that it would i left it.
-Enjoyed having a woman tell me how she doesn't mess with ghosts.
-other stuff and then I went home!

this entry was dedicated to the cybershades.
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