tony ceccarelli (tonyvortex) wrote,
tony ceccarelli


Won tickets for this via aintitcoolnews and just got back from seeing it.The 3D is awesome,there is so much shit to look at.
The best was at start they announced there would be a surprise guest at the end,i kept thinking it would just suck and be that guy from Supernatural. No way they brought Tom Atkins out to give a small Q and A. He talked about Carpenter,halloween 3,how night of the creeps was his favorite film he did. He even brought Fred Dekker out to the premiere in California for this. He even told about his two worst dates and how Vincent Price once told him how great he was while shopping for pastries.Great free showing up in Chicago,everyone should watch this in 3D since it won't be nearly as great once its on dvd.
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finally a legitimate use for those 3-d glasses that you always seem to have lying around.

i will have to go see it soon.
<--- a tad jealous.