tony ceccarelli (tonyvortex) wrote,
tony ceccarelli


1.At work today one of my favorite customers from the other store came in.She used to dislike me for some reason or another until she found out i liked Buckaroo banzai and then we bonded.Oh i think she thought i was rude one day or something.Well she came in with a friend looking for me for a Doctor who question.IT was fantastic since as i was explaining something to her another customer stood a few feet away and stared.Kelly asked if he needed help and he said he also had a Doctor who question for me.Neal said i should be teaching a course and maybe we should advertise my Doctor Who knowledge for the store.
2.Since I've been the manager at the new store I've been trying to do a few things my way.One such thing is setting up a random movie section.This month is movies with aliens or Tom Cruise.I came up with the next few months ideas today,since i want to change it monthly and all.Soon it will be:What a two years 1993-1994,Mel Gibson or sport cars,Sandra bullock or Magic stuff,and Dance movies or Sam Jackson.
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