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tony ceccarelli
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. i wrote so much bad poetry to the Cures'disentigration' in high school .
. i like the idea of bands destroying themselves after a five year span .
. i haven't worn blue jeans in over ten years .
. i have a passion about videogames .
. just becouse i collect and have said passion doesn't mean i am good at videogames
. i am secretly in lust with Karen O's dance moves .
. i never learned how to ride a bike .
. my dad gave me his love of movies,comics and videogames .
. i once interviewed the red house painters and talked about nothing more than the mcdonaldland players .
. the film 'rushmore' is the best film i know of .
. i am a clutz , even more so when i have a crush on a girl .
. the idea of making out to the smiths is the best idea there is .
. after showing my college film teacher my short film he told me to never take another class,"it would box you in".i dropped out of art school shortly after .
. i own five copies of bill drummonds '45' so no matter where i am i can read it .
. when i was in high school i was obssessed with the drink Snapple .
. the song 'asleep' by the Smiths held me together on the worst night i ever had .
. i like to sing alkaline trio as if i am in a barbershop quartet .
. i actuelly like to have alone time .

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