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Joy Division SHOES!!! [12 Apr 2007|09:05pm]
i can't tell if these are out yet anywhere.looking around online i cant seem to get a straight answear.either these arent approved yet,or they are already out in the UK.i can safely say i would never have thought to see such a creation....but i will admit i wouldnt mind owning a pair.

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[28 Mar 2007|05:21pm]
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more dvd news. [01 Mar 2007|12:23am]
it's odd for me to think that i live in a world that would let me own two seperate editions of summer school on dvd.

this is the film that owned much of my life from age 15 mom still to this day mentions the summer where i watched this upwards of five times a day.i can't understand how this is getting a double dip but i cant complain.please ignore the awful cover,at leave the new dvd will have the sure im not,but i like to think im the only person in the world to have a framed summer school poster in my house.if anyone else out there also does,please contact me we should be friends.i am also happy to mention that night of the comet will be out on dvd next month.

ps.if you have never seen the brilliant summer school i can only hope the plot keywords from IMDB might change your mind:
# Plot Keywords: Male Stripper | Field Trip | Gore | School | Surfing | Teenage Pregnancy | Teacher | Fake Identification | Driving Test | Lottery Winner | Learner Driver
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Danzig and me and the bar. [08 Feb 2007|01:41am]
The thing is it was 11:10ish and i was getting ready to make pizza before i went to sleep.I had come home early from work so i could hang out with Mike some more(by the way Mike is here visiting right now from B.NewYork).Around this time Mike came back with our friend Jason T and they wanted me to leave.Since Mike was in town for one more night i could not refuse.We along with Jasons friend went to a bar down the street from me.This is all filler i suppose so i will skeep to where Mike decided we needed to sing karaoke.My first thought is Judas Priest,"painkiller."My second logical thought was DANZIG.Of course the only song there was,"mother".We put the request in and plaued Ultimate Mortal kombat till they called our magical names.I should point out the bar had at best 9 patrons ,two bartenders and one dj.The three of us all got mics and were instructed to look at the screen next to the charming gent running the dj table.Mike made a joke about a smoke machine and sure enough the man like a brilliant stage manager started the bars very own smoke machine.It was bliss singing DANZIG with the lads,covered in smoke.I imagine later this very night each of the other 12 people in the bar went home to download that very song so they too can enjoy the memory.I dont like bars but that was a nice experience.
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transformers trailer. [21 Dec 2006|05:23am]
so far the trailer is a yahoo exclusive. i dislike how they all look so far.all the transformers in the clip remind me of the killer robot in hardware,except not nearly as neat.
PS.i really want to take this lobby display from somewhere someday soon.i think i will faint when i see this standing in it's glory at the local movie house...

...and while i'm at it this lobby card with that doll Rosario Dawson must be mine....
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DVD NEWS.. [16 Dec 2006|12:17am]
i find it hard to believe that the amazing news of the century hasn't been mentioned of feb.6th 2007 everyone can walk into a store and buy Delirious.its been bought numerous times from the bootleg stands at flea markets for years. now all children can share the love of eddie murphy at his best.for the longest time i hoped something would happen were he would put this out.

PS-in case you have not seen the overseas package for the second season of twin peaks,here it is:

let's hope that reissue of fire walk with me comes out next year as planned too!
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I need to know more about The Darjeeling Limited [02 Dec 2006|06:26am]
this is from the wikipdeia,its driving me crazy not knowing more:

The Darjeeling Limited is a new film by Wes Anderson. According to Owen Wilson, at least part of the movie will be filmed in India. It is written by Anderson, Roman Coppola and Rushmore star Jason Schwartzman. The release date is unknown, but will most likely be released after Anderson's animated production of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

[edit] Plot

Currently, the details of the script are under wraps, but the basic plot of the film is that Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman play three brothers taking a train ride through India.
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wii . [19 Nov 2006|11:55am]
it seems like forever ago that i first became excited for nintendos new system.its almost six a.m. now and ive decided to finally get some sleep.i really enjoy everything about it.i sort of wanted to make a nice update about this but im very sleepy now.

i also enjoy that the system,two extra controllers,two extra nunchuks,and six games(including the pack in game)equal out to the same price as a playstation 3 by itself.
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[17 Oct 2006|08:20pm]
it's been six years now since my dad passed away.i miss him very much,i hope i never forget his dad had the best laugh.

grocerys! [30 Sep 2006|01:04am]
after work matt surprised me by stopping by.he came over and gave me big hugs and we talked about things.since he had some time i figured we could go to my favorite place,the grocery store.i don't know why but its come to my attention of late that i love grocery stores.anyway,as i was checking out the older cashier asked me about the blair witch.naturally she called it something else all togther,like the mair witch or something like that.i was asked if i knew anything about it and i said yes.she wanted to know if it was based on some ancient myth from another land.i explained to her that it was just a movie.i also explained how it was done with the filmakers leaving rolls of film and notes for each of the actors each day.i looked over at matt and saw his WTF face and noted that maybe this wasnt usual conversation between grocery cashier and customer.

ps.there is a song on the new killers album called,'Bling (Confessions Of A King)'that is fantastic.yes im aware that name is horrid.
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[15 Sep 2006|04:29pm]

officially 64 days,9 hours,29 minutes and 38 seconds till im a fucking happy lad.
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on silver mount zion all buried in ruins [24 Aug 2006|01:09am]

I have a not so secret crush on the music of silver mt zion.I wish every weekend they would be playing a show that i could be at.that would make me happy.This is from one of the times i saw them a few weeks back.
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[22 Jul 2006|03:50am]
clerks 2 was very good.j.d and jason w escorted me to scherillville to see it at the 10:20 showing.we ended up running into elliot,jason,joe and megan and that entire group.even though i got tokens to play time crisis 4 i was too anxious to get to my was cute watching some guy try and impress his date while playing it.once we got a seat the two lads went to play it and i had jason help me protect their was nice talking to him since i only ever see him for a few seconds at work.i enjoyed sitting in a theater watching a movie that just killed everyone.there was times were you couldnt hear anything but everyone laughing.
josh starts moving his belongs out tomorrow .he will be living in the city for a while.j.d. will then be moving his items in the following saturday.
the new killers song is addicting.i cant help it,its making me smile.
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birthday time again. [30 Jun 2006|10:00am]
another year.another birthday.
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[17 Jun 2006|03:25am]
i haven't updated in a bit so i'll share two things.

1.i very much like this certain girl from buffalo.she likes me too and thats keen. are some fun drawings i have done.

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[27 Apr 2006|10:54pm]

to come home and find out that nintendos new system has a "official" name.i must admit i like revolution much better,but nintendo is nintendo.i still remember when i first saw the controller and i was in pure shock.once i collected myself i went to a friends house to show him the controller.once my friend seemed in disgust saying nintendo fucked themself i realized just how genius the controller was.if we have such a shock over a weird name or a weird controller that must be good,right?sort of like evolving.Ign interviewed NOA's VP of corporate affairs, Perrin Kaplan,today about the name.
"IGN Wii: Revolution seemed to be a pretty cool code-name that a lot of our readers liked. Why abandon it?"

"Perrin Kaplan: You know, I thought it was a neat name, too, but it's not as fitting for what we're trying to do. You think about Google being an unusual name. You think about Virgin Airlines. Amazon. Napster. All those. I think it's as unique as those. They aren't just unique, but loved names for places that we all know. And I think this is more fitting and the two Is work on a bunch of different levels. It looks like two people with heads who can play, which is the inclusive nature of everybody. It looks like the controllers. So for us it looked like a couple of different levels."
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[24 Apr 2006|02:58pm]
after crystal tells a yarn about a very religious person who preached to her while we were at the barnes and noble this exchange happened:

tony: oh man remember that one creepy woman who told me she would pray for me?!that was fucking creepy.

matt: it's funny how the most vile,immoral,disgusting things don't creep you out at all but a overly religious person does.

tony : so true.
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my new child came straight from japan. [29 Mar 2006|03:10pm]

i woke up to the fact my new DSlite came in the mail was swell becouse play-asia threw in a free game for me since the system should have been here at is so adorable next to the older copy of animal crossing will be treated like a king now!

ps.i think i want a pacman mask from the namco store,but i could never imagine myself wearing it.

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sunday. [27 Mar 2006|04:34am]
most sundays at work can be a drag.for some reason sundays have this sort of myth.its as if no sunday can be a good day to work.i dont know why but its always been like that while ive worked at disc replay.sometimes an odd sunday pops up and everything is good.that was today.i had a good day just joking and talking with matt.its a good feeling,it reminds me of warm summers as a kid.friends walking the neighborhoods talking about nothing serious,just talking and not keeping track of anything.i like those times at work with matt becouse he always has reminded me of a brother .after work we stopped by the gas station cass works at to say hi.we got pizza today at work so he wanted to give her some.i as always enjoyed my no cheese and as much pizza sauce as humanly possible pizza hut the end of the week matt has to be moved out and i naturally wanted to help.having just moved three times in the spane of 364 days i owe him at least one good move. i called j.d. and we helped him move a couch and a few things over to a storage unit.i loved the place he was storing his was made of plywood and looked so cheap and like some 1974 horror movie set.matt had a fable standup that was decided needed to be thrown at dan and jasons apartment.the three of us joined by garrett walked down by my place so we could throw the pieces of the standup up at their was quite a site to see us throwing the stuff up hard as i tried i could not do it,of course it really shows that i never enjoyed sports.j.d. and i made vegan sloppy joe while waiting for mr vespo to show up.jayson and i ended up watching two movies before he had to take off leaving me to watch amelie again.i know i had some reason i felt like writing all of that but i really dont remember now.maybe sometimes i like to remind myself how important all the guys are that i have in my very lucky to have a great best friend that i live with and even luckier to have great best friends who live near me(kristynn even counts since she is at dans all the time anyway).a little bit after i posted this i remembered why i felt like watching this wonderful documantry called the journey and its made me think about alot of things.theres always all these memories you sort of store away and come back out of nowhere.i was just thinking about a few months back when josh and i helped my mom move stuff out of her office.afterwards we were sutting at subway talking.something came up while we were talking about my dad and she was talking about how he never really grew up and then he did and josh said something along the lines of well thats good and i just remember her saying that was when he died inside was when he decided he needed to grow up.i dont know really why i even wanted to write that down besides that it makes me sad.well maybe its just that it makes me feel something and that naturally turns to sad.someday i should be able to think back about my dad and smile .by the way i think this was the best thing said today,its between matt and i at work while talking about girls:
me:i just need to find a girl who likes nintendo and britpop-they just are always taken or married .
matt:well they arent really rare ,just maybe....
me:...scarce.ya i know.its like final fantasy 3 .its not rare but its scarce cause everyone wants it.
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i shall share three gifts. [08 Mar 2006|10:44pm]
im pretty sure everyone in the known universe has been addicted to way before me.a few nights ago i spent a good four hours loving everything i was finding.thanks to posts on the site i have found some things ive wished to see for years.

1. Clowny Clown Clown by Crispin Hellion Glover.back during the height of my crispin frenzy i thought of this like a holy grail.its hard to believe this video is 15 years old now.i read about the existence of this in a crispin themed zine i used to get.if you dont know he put out his own album in 1991 full of songs and readings from his books.he covered a charles manson and a nancy sinatra song .the highlight of the album was a rap song about masterbation.

2.old McDonaldland commercials.i dont know why but in high school i was obsessed with the old mcdonalds characters.i used to find the glasses at the antique mall downtown.there was something so creepy about the Kroft Brother ripoffs.i once did an interview with mark from the red house painters and we spent half an hour talking about these guys.

3.Pepsiman the 90s pepsi of japan created this mascot.whenever there was pepsi deprived people around pepsiman would come running.every so often i like to look him up on ebay just to see the cool action figures that came out.i think he would have scared the fuck out of kids over here.
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