tony ceccarelli (tonyvortex) wrote,
tony ceccarelli

star trek

Thursday night Nyssa and I went to a sneak preview of the new Star Trek.I was lucky enough to win the tickets through will say if possible never watch a movie with a good amount of action in the front seven rows.It seems like you have to move your head so much left and right to take in everything.Overall the movie was great,I was happy how they made it fit with the other series.Simon Pegg really should have been in it more,it was a shame he didn't show up to near the end.After the movie as we left there was a guy asking what we thought of the movie.Right after a movie i can never answear anything like that.The guy asked me what my favorite part was and all i could say was maybe he should ask someone else.What i really should have said was there needed to be more Simon Pegg and maybe horses riding lawnmowers or something.
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