tony ceccarelli (tonyvortex) wrote,
tony ceccarelli

Friday the 13th shirts!

For the last friday the 13th Fright Rags made two limited edition Jason shirts.They were both on sale for 13 hours for people on the mailing list.I ordered the classic mask shirt for myself and the Jason from part 7 shirt for one of my roomates.I was super happy to find the package in the mailbox after work.

i will more than likely be over wearing this soon with a small selection of overshirts.

both of the shirt designs.

how swell,they sent me an aliens trading card,a zombi2 card and sugar!

the first 300 orders got A 1 Dram (1/16 oz) vial of water from the "original Crystal Lake" (aka Sand Pond) in Blairstown, New Jersey .
PS.even hockey masks can't stop the enjoyment of m&ms.
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