tony ceccarelli (tonyvortex) wrote,
tony ceccarelli

oct 26th

sometime around 5:30 this morning my grandmother passed on.after the last post things kept getting worse.about a week ago most of my family from buffalo showed up to say last goodbyes.i thought it was going to end that day,after each person had a few minutes with her my mom,her sisters,and her brother were going to be there as they took off most of what was keeping her alive.a few days later she ended up in a hospice here in town where my mom,and three of my aunts kept her company around the this point most of her body was shutting down and she could hardly a few days my mom will be going with my aunts to bury her ashes back home in new york.
after work when i went back to my moms it was weird for my aunt to talk with me about what will happen when my own mom passes.its something i suppose that you should be aware of but it weirded me out.with my grandmother gone,its been nice having two of my aunts around.besides my aunt that lives across the street from her we dont have any family in the state.i hate the idea of my mom in that house all alone again,just as she was when my father died.
thanks should be mentioned to everyone who stopped by my work or wrote me to see how things were going.sorry i havent really written anyone back yet.oddly enough my friend russ had his grandmother in the room next to mine at the hospice.sadly she passed away today as well,sorry russ im thinking of you.
i dont think ive mentioned this but as of two weeks ago i moved again,if anyone needs to know where to just ask
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